Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Answering Barking Alien's questions...

Another good survey. Maybe it's time to post my own questions? :D

1) What is the most common type of environment or terrain encountered thus far in your current or most recent campaign?

Cavern. Huge one. Really huge part of Underworld Wilderness.

2) What is the most exotic or unusual environment or terrain encountered thus far in your current or most recent campaign?

Forest of huge, eight-meter-tall psilocybes :D

3) What environment or terrain type have you never used but always wanted to? Why haven't you?

Jungle Cave (dinosaur-filled cavern in the jungle). Why I've never used it? Because PCs hadn't reached it yet :-(

4) Do you have a combat rule or mechanic from another game system you are using in the game system you currently play, played recently or generally play?

Warhammer-style hit locations used in Call of Cthulhu game.

5) In your opinion, what genre has received too little attention in regards to RPGs based on that subject?

Science Fantasy, Sword&Planet. Or maybe there are too little games of that genres.

6) If a quality RPG on the aforementioned neglected genre came out tomorrow, what would make you buy it? What would prevent you from buying it?

Its genre will force me to buy it immediately! I can't wait to get Planet Algol and Warriors of the Red Planet :D And what prevents me from buying Carcosa? Lack of money - it's rather expensive for me (printed version - PDF is too huge to print it :D)

7) Do you find it easier to learn the rules of a game by reading the rule book or by sitting down and just playing it?

Little of both - usually I read most important rules and go play - rest can be learned / figured out during game.

8) Name a currently available artist not normally associated with RPGs who you'd love to see do some RPG work.

Rodney Matthews, but I know that it won't happen.

9) What one book, movie, video, etc. that is not an RPG that you think should be.

10) Can you think of an RPG you've run or played in which the GM (be it you or someone else) used/referenced non-game related books to run the campaign more often then game related books?

Yeah, one of my friends from the very beginning of my RPG gaming used to run games based on obscure, B-class movies. Too bad that I've lost my contact with him. And my previous campaign (currently on hold) was in the world based on the books of King, Mieville, Sergey Lukyanenko, Strugatsky brothers, Vampire Hunter D manga and little or no "classic RPG stuff".

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