Sunday, October 7, 2012

20 occupations (Citadel of Rust)

Here are the list of the most typical professions of the Citadel of Rust. This time, with short description.
  1. Water Filterer - there is a lot of water in the Unnamed World but often it's contaminated.
  2. Petty Merchant - selling everything from stuffed animals to worthless jewelry.
  3. Mercenary of the Noble House - well-equipped and with access to special zones.
  4. Beggar - maybe a former adventurer?
  5. Lookout - essential for a survival of the city. There are many perils that can emerge from the wasteland.
  6. Artifact Appraiser - not every artifact have a great value and there are skilled persons to determine it.
  7. Window Cleaner - there are many glass windows in the Citadel, especially in the Noble Sector. Dangerous but well-paid job.
  8. City Guard - may openly carry firearms.
  9. Acclaimer - good source of information about recent events and new regulations.
  10. Gatekeeper - heavily armed guard, skilled in using city's weapon and defense systems.
  11. Medic - in the perilous world of Charon Prime, these individuals are very helpful.
  12. Scavenger - almost everything can be reused or sold. Scavengers know that very well.
  13. Morgue Attendant - people die everyday.
  14. Chronicler - almost everyone in the Citadel want to be remembered, so the Chroniclers are very important persons in the city's life. Of course they produce lots of worthless garbage.
  15. Librarian - there are many small libraries, offering mostly chronicles. No one reads that crap but someone must keep an eye on it.
  16. Inn Keeper - there is no RPG setting without them!
  17. Fuel Merchant - althought there is not many vehicles in the Citadel, there are many machines and devices that must be fueled (dieselpunk influences?)
  18. Actor - small theatres are the important part of city's life. People must do something with their free time and this kind of art is quite popular.
  19. Pit Fighter - because not everyone likes theatres.
  20. Spy - everyone spies everyone. Merchant spying merchants, nobles spying nobles, guards spying merchants etc.

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