Monday, October 22, 2012

Random shitty weapons

  1. Wooden sword +1 (1-2 damage)
  2. Tin dagger
  3. Spade concealed in a walking stick. Blade is broken about 3 inches from the handle. Rest is missing.
  4. Axe with loose head (65% chance for falling off during each strike)
  5. Fake crystal sword (will shatter during the first hit)
  6. Rotten spear
  7. +3 Sword of Healing (each hit heals 1-10 HP instead of wounds, works only on hostile opponents)
  8.  Heavy crossbow replica (3 meters range, 1-2 damage)
  9. Replica of The Greatest Artifact Weapon Hidden In This Dungeon (50% chance for breaking during each succesful attack)
  10. +5 Greatsword of Humanoid Slaying. Blade is missing.