Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Charon Prime - healing potions

Recently there was alot talking about healing potions (on Gee Plus and on blogs), so I thought that I may write something about healing elixirs in my Charon Prime game.

Two basic ideas are simple - as stated in 0e, each potion heals 1d6+1 HP. One Hit Point per round. So, if potion heals 5 HP, it takes five rounds to heal.
Second thing - if potion is found (in example, as a part of random treasure), Referee should pick one (or more) feature of the potion from the list below. If potion is custom made for an adventurers (I often disallow this option in my games), things may be even more complicated.
  1. Potion is based on human blood, body liquids and / or liquified organs. This may lead to serious health problems or even addiction to human flesh.
  2. Potion is slightly poisonous. And this poison accumulates in user's body. One may cause no problems but using larger amounts may lead poisoned one into serious trouble (from nausea and dizzyness to brain damage, partial paralysis, coma and even death).
  3. Potion is based on a Black Dust. Of course, it's highly addictive.
  4. Potion is made of 80-90% alcohol (thanks Cole Long!).
  5. It may unnaturally age drinker.
  6. It tastes / smells so horribly that drinker must pass save vs. Magic to keep it in his / her stomach (if it emits horrible stench, save must be passed to even drink the potion but unless Referee is particularily vicious no save must be passed to not throw up).


  1. Pick three out of six? I may not be cruel enough but even one of the above options would suffice in my campaigns.

    1. Oh my dog, I forgot to remove this part! It was added before I realized that I'll be able to list only six features! Thank you!