Thursday, October 25, 2012

Armageddon Clock

Effects of each hour. You may determine which hour is coming by simple 1d12 roll.

  1. Dogs within 2d6 miles start to howl.
  2. Plants within 2d20 meters start to wither rapidly.
  3. All locks within 2d10 meters jam.
  4. All water within 2d10 meters turns to grey, bitter dust.
  5. Jewelry within 2d4 meters start to corrode, gems shatter.
  6. Six very loud bells, one each hour. Minor demon pops into existence during each bell.
  7. All fire within 2d12 meters is quenched. It can't be lit again for one hour.
  8. Every metal objects within 2d10 meters become covered with thick and very cold hoarfrost.
  9. Air is filled with sounds of distorted voices, maniacal laugh and babbling. -3 to all spell effects for one hour.
  10. Ten bells. Sounds of someone coming (footsteps etc.). After the tenth bell, Death Knight appears (AC2, HP 66, 1d8+2 damage).
  11. Every sound wthin 2d10x5 meters is almost muted. Faint out-of-tune harpischord music can be heared. For one hour monsters have +1 HD and +1 to hit and damage.
  12. Red Death appears. It's too late to escape.

1 comment:

  1. I really like this idea. I wish I had had it a couple of years ago as it would have added a great level of intensity to masque of the black death adventure I ran.