Friday, October 26, 2012

Bizarre, nasty and disgusting items

Previously posted on Google+. Roll 1d12:
  1. Beautiful crystal chalice filled with horribly stinking, maggot-ridden fermented goblin fat. 
  2. Stuffed human body, naked and exposing huge genitalia, apparently transplanted from some beast.
  3. Potion of healing with lots of fishing hooks inside it. 
  4. Hourglass full of living maggots. 
  5. Cuckoo clock constantly striking hours. Rotting human cock is placed instead of a cuckoo. 
  6. Huge wooden spoon, about three meters long. 
  7. Marble pedestal with one-meter eye resting on its top. The eye is real one. 
  8. Ornate chest full of rotten fish. 
  9. Bear trap with rusty spring. 
  10. Huge tome titled A Guide to Hemorroid Collecting
  11. Used diaper, full of tiny gold coins.
  12. Duck-shaped helmet (not duck head, whole duck!).


  1. I wonder why no one has commented on this post. You are quite right in defining this post as disgusting. Nice job!