Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 - collision course

Sensors are sounding alarm - something is going to collide with PCs ship. Scanning reveals that it's small but very advanced fighter. It's strange but everything seems that it want to ram players' spaceship!

Roll d6 to determine why this situation occured:
  1. Fighter's central computer is dominated by AI or virus program
  2. Drugged pilot think that's a good and spectacular reason to commit suicide
  3. Ship's electronic systems are dead. Fighter's engine is down, although it still runs with maximum speed. Avoiding the collision should be relatively easy task
  4. Pilot has lost control of the damaged spaceship; he'll try to communicate with PCs and warn them
  5. Fighter's pilot thinks that PCs spaceship belongs to enemy faction; moments before the collision he will change the course and will open fire
  6. Pilot is dead. Cockpit was hit several times or life support systems died.
Fighter stats for Terminal Space and Bandits & Battlecruisers:

Hull Type: FT (4 Structure Points, Pilot skill mod +30%)
Armor: ultrasteel (25)
Reactor: standard
Drive Class: A
Maneuvering Thrusters: three additional units
Jump Drive: none
Sensors: military
Jamming Systems: -5%
Armament: light phase cannon, two plasma missiles
Ammo:see above
Shield Generator: none
Cargo Space: none
Other: pilot eject system

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