Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yet Another Campaign Reshaping

Yeah, I know that it may look strange and even funny, but I decided to reshape campaign AGAIN. Or, to be more precise, change contents of Underworld Kingdom PDF.

Again, I decided to split campaign world in two - I have more and more ideas for the Underworld Kingdom itself and less and less for Ortix and other parts of surface world. So - because I want to produce quality stuff (please forget about layout of Towers of Krshal - I had no money for editing and art), it's time to separate surface world from the depths of underworld.

Of course, it will cause lots of changes - I must slightly alter several tables and drop some ideas, but now I'll have much more space for additional underworld-related generators, tables and so on.

Although Ortix is now divorced with Underworld Kingdom, it don't mean that it is dead. One day it will return. But I have lots of different projects to complete before that.


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    1. On my hard drive :-)
      It's far from being finished - I still need more time to do it. To be honest - I haven't done anything with it for the last three months, except maybe some little tweaks and lots of thinking about it. And this separation of the ideas is one of the effects of my thinking :D