Sunday, July 24, 2022

Magical flutes

Some nasty, weird or just plainly fucked-up magical flutes. Roll 1d12:

  1. After seven minutes of playing it, every sentient being listening to the music must pass save vs. magic to evade brain meltdown (1d100 INT damage, reduction to negative value means death);
  2. Can be used to control cattle (as seen above) but after one hour of playing it, one random cow suddenly transforms into a gorgon;
  3. Its music causes all gold items in 60 feet radius to vibrate with considerable force;
  4. Playing the flute causes it to generate a magical mist, similar to the Cloudkill spell;
  5. Playing the flute causes it to generate horrid fumes, similar to the Stinking Cloud spell;
  6. After playing it for three minutes or more, the flute's music attracts all lizards and drakes within a two mile radius;
  7. Flute's music attracts all mice, cats and dogs within a mile radius;
  8. Every attempt of playing the flute causes it to spew fire and clouds of choking fumes;
  9. The flute can be used to breathe underwater;
  10. If the flute is used to shoot darts, each dart becomes magically poisoned (save or die, if one's immune to non-magican poisons - save twice or die);
  11. After playing the flute for more than twelve minutes, clouds of flies start to emerge from the instrument. The flute's music is able to control the cloud of insects;
  12. Each living being that is listening to the flute's music for more than three minutes must save vs. magic or fall asleep for as long as the music is played.


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