Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maps & Geography

I decided to post some index of all stuff containing not necessarily creative content, but all maps, musings about geography, dungeon design (none posted yet, as far as I remember :D) and similar stuff. All goodies will be posted in alphabetical order (divided into two sections), also I will put link to this post in blog's sidebar.
Map room will be kept up to date.


Black Volcano - rumors and legends
Cold Star
Cursed places
Frog River
Grey Moon
Lost Haven - rumors and legends
Megastructure - tribes 
Spire Cities of Khaal
Underworld Wilderness


Blackcrag Fortress - cross section map
Floating Island - cross section map
Friday Five Minute Maps #1 #2 
Krubera Cave (not quite part of the game, but it's too awesome to be ignored)
Ortix - cross section map 1
Ortix - cross section map 2
Palace of Mar Gat'nep
Surface of Ortix - old version
Surface of Ortix - newer, unfinished hex map
Yellow City of the Empty Mountain - cros section map


Megadungeon (preview)

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