Thursday, December 8, 2011

Underworld Kingdom map preview!

As i mentioned yesterday on G+, my printer died, but I felt very strong urge to create a map for my campaign. I've discovered some old Aerotech map with one blank side with hexgrid only, but had to draw whole grid by myself as I did not want to destroy original map. Effect of my work can be viewed below - it looks like shit but I like it - for me it's much better than any digitally-created map :)

One hex is approximately 24 miles / one day of travel by foot (at least on plains). Northern parts of map were intentionally left blank, so I may add new things in the future.

I hope that this map will be included in Underworld Kingdom PDF, although it will not be the only one map of Underworld Wilderness :-)


  1. Awesome map, dude!

    Hand-drawn is better than digital, period. Digital usually looks too clean, too modern. Hand-drawn usually looks much more "real".

  2. Thanks :D
    I think that in PDF I will include this version of map, but slightly altered - with "digital" grid and probably stamps created from hand drawn hexes :-)