Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ideas about new campaign

Yay! New, awesome pen and really great hardcover notepad - gifts from my girlfriend :-)

Attention - if you are one of my rl players - DO NOT READ THIS, or you will be banned for life :D

Here are bunch of quick ideas that came to my mind yesterday. I plan to use them in my Underworld Kingdom campaign:
  • No-surface version of Ortix (only Underworld Wilderness);
  • Only one city, divided into Inner Citadel and Outer Citadel. Outer is total shithole, full of drunkards, useless scum, lowlifers, pimps and whores, subhuman scavengers and... adventurers. Inner is almost totally cut-off world of exquisite riches, decadent parties, magical drugs and noble, beautiful and wanton ladies. City is ruled by cunning but partly insane Malakyaas the Humpbacked;
  • Palace of Thousand Waterfalls, inhabited by creatures with human bodies and transplanted heads of strange, scaleless reptilians;
  • Marshes infested by Orthluk: sluggish, orange-skinned toad men, led by Toad Archpriest and his half-human daughter of unearthly beauty;
  • Midget moonshiners living in fungal forest. They carry a troll with a strange artifact, which makes him an almost intelligent being;
  • Trap Tomb;
  • Old, abandoned stronghold, now base of brigands. Brigands' chieftain has some interests with Slug Prophet;
  • Serpent Temple at the river bank, between plains and Orthluk marshes;
  • They say that Toad Princess had a romance with Malakyaas;
  • Giant hole in the ground, leading to the dinosaur-infested Jungle Cave;
  • Link (maybe a lift, maybe teleporter) between Jungle Cave and small, separated layer of the Megastructure;
  • Grey-skinned goblins living in strange, large formation similar to the oversized termite mound. Brigands, goblins and Orthluk are rivals and fight each other whenever they encounter each other.

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