Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rumours and legends about Lost Haven

Random table, created mostly by Mr. Wight, containing facts, rumours and legends about the dreadful Lost Haven. Roll 1d20:

1. They say that a mighty Kraken sleeps in the center of the Haven's Inner Port.
2. When inhabitants of the city were being slain, magical "security system" cut off the main access routes to the Port.
3. Treasure vaults of the Haven, containing its untold riches, are hidden deep beneath the City's surface but access to them was cut off by a different layer of the underworld.
4. The Guildmaster ( or even masters ) was trapped inside his palace... and changed a bit over time.
5. During the Haven's fall, monsters caged in the local arena got loose and are now roaming the streets, sewers and rooftops.
6. It is said that at least two forces are fighting inside the city.
7. One of the last Great Wyrm eggs was said to be sold during the last days of the Haven but never left its vaults.
8. Beings change while inside this cursed place.
9. Usually one of the trespassers is allowed to escape to tell the tale of horror. Not that it happens often.
10. Nothing is constant in the City. It can change without warning as the power of the curse sets in.
11. Giant crystals are suspended on chains from the caves ceiling and shed some light. Some of them are burned out. Some still hold power.
12. A great expedition was led into the Lost Heaven never to return from the caves.
13. The truth is that there are no riches in there. Only illusions of power. Nothing else.
14. Weapons out of this world were prepared to be shipped outside when all hell broke loose.
15. Nothing should be considered as harmless.
16. It is said that the downfall was prophesied by many streat preachers across the Kingdom. Usually the crazy ones.
17. Everything taken from the city eventually returns.
18. A group of bandits have a base of operations near the Havens borders.
19. Denizens of the Underworld sometimes can be encountered in the vicinity of the Haven.
20. They say that some people survived... and are still alive despite the hundreads of years of the curse.

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