Monday, December 12, 2011

Appearance of Underworld forests

First fungal forest ever?

Characters have reached vast forest placed in Underworld and you ran out of ideas how it can look like? Just make several rolls!

Step One: general features. Roll 1d10:

1-2:   Sparse fungal forest
3-4:   Sparse tree forest
5-6:   Dense fungal forest
7-8:   Dense tree foret
9:   Sparse mixed forest (trees and fungi)
10:   Dense mixed foret (trees and fungi)

Step Two: appearance.

Appearance of the fungi. Roll 1d10:

1:   Tall and thin, with pointy caps
2:   Puffballs
3:   Regularly shaped
4:   Pointy-shaped cones
5:   In shape of big, oval boulders
6:   Barrel-like, with oval caps
7:   Tree-like, but obviously still fungal
8:   Tall with wide caps
9:   Phallic
10:   Mixed of all of above

Appearance of the trees. Roll 1d10:

1:   Rubbery, with tentacle-like branches
2:   Twisted and covered with growths
3:   With thick and tall trunks, ended with spherical leaves
4:   Looking like twisted branches growing directly from the ground
5:   With thick and short trunk with multitude of thin, long twigs
6:   Looking like woody fungi
7:   Regularly shaped, with spherical leaves
8:   Growing from the cave's ceiling, with leaves on their long roots
9:   With fleshy, algae-looking leaves
10:   Short and covered with long thorns

Step Three: additional features. Roll 1d6: if '6' is rolled, randomly determine one additional feature of the trees/fungi.

Additional features of the fungi. Roll 1d10:

1:   If touched, they release clouds of toxic spores
2:   They are covered with thick, very sticky slime
3:   Fungi are rotting and falling apart
4:   Parasitic mold covers both fungi and the ground with slippery layer
5:   Fungi are coveres with horribly stinking slime
6:   Different creatures made their shelters in the fungi
7:   Fungi are waving as moved by invisible wind
8:   Fungi are infested by maggots
9:   Fungi are glowing in a dark
10:   They are humming quietly

Additional features of the trees. Roll 1d10:

1:   If touched, leaves hide themselves inside the branches
2:   Forest is dead (10% to be partially fossilized)
3:   Trees are constantly creaking
4:   They have numerous hollows, often inhabited by different creatures
5:   Roots formed a dense maze, hindering movement
6:   Trees emit pleasent scent
7:   Trees are stinking horribly
8:   Instead of leaves, trees are covered by pale, slightly glowing flowers
9:   Trees secrete sticky, flammable resin
10:   Trees are glowing in the dark


  1. B1:the search for the unknown is my favourite module of the B series(not the B2), check it out:).Nice tables:), I'll steal them for my cthlol campaign If you don't mind:)

  2. Steal it if you want, but mention me :-)