Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Something Awful - Ortix character sheet

Yesterday I've created character sheet for my Ortix / Underworld Kingdom campaign (Bandits & Basilisks ruleset + third LBB i suppose). First I tried to do it by fully "analog"  pen and paper :D) method, but as soon as I started I've discovered that my new set of gel pens are totally crappy, so I was forced to complete my work in Photoshop. Effect is "As Ugly As Sin", but I'm rather satisfied by it :D

If you want to download this character sheet, you may get both PDF and PNG version. Enjoy :-)


  1. I know what you mean about the analogue route and pens. I wouldn't blame my tools, but there's something amiss along the line at which some of my tools and I meet..!

    I like the sheet as well. The outlining looks rough and ready, suggesting a tablet of hewn stone and that fits the underground theme. The font is a good contrast, hinting at a more advanced culture or higher technology.

  2. I chose this font because in my opinion it has a specific, Lovecraftian vibe :D

  3. Looks good to me. Black & blue... rough & ready.

    I wonder if I asked my players to hand-draw their D&D sheets and told them they could have any unique, new capability they added a box (or hexagon) for... what would each of them add?

    I'd add "Inveigle".

    Or just give myself a rating for Lightning Bolt.