Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm now on Google +

This is my first social network since crappy Myspace (but it was profile created for music sharing) and I feel rather strange with fact that now I'm more or less "available in web" - I feel weak and vulnerable :D
To be honest - I created this profile just for testing, and maybe one day I will have guts to participate in some online gaming :)
Until now I've added only two persons (Zak Sabbath and James Maliszewski :D) and I don't have any ideas what to do now... Help me with this strange social-ish contraption :D

EDIT: you can find me there as Albert R. (and I have link to this blog in my profile description)


  1. November 29th, Zak posted a circle of a bunch of RPG people. Go to his profile and scroll down till you see it then add those people to your gaming circle.