Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bandits and Battlecruisers sneak peek

I don't know if you remember my ideas about mixing Bandits & Basilisks, Terminal Space and some bizarre Sci-Fi ideas into new game / campaign setting. Although there is still not much new stuff about it (EVE is stealing most of my time :-(), i can show you some features of Bandits and Battlecruisers. Moreover, in the future i plan to change this list into index similar to the list of Underworld Kingdom resources, but i can't promise that i will update the 'B&B section' very often. So, here we go:

Brief description of planets and moons (Mercury, Venus, Dead Earth, Ares, Io, Kallisto, Ganymede etc.)
Phaeton's Tears (asteroid belt)
Crimson Rift and the Black Planet
Guilds (final evolution of the megacorporations)
Great Noble Houses
Nomadic Tribes
Pirate Nations
Ash'kari (aliens)
Monolith, Death of the Moon and Death of the Earth
War in Solar System
Charon Stargate
Ancient Battlefields
Possible chronology of the Last Millenium
Cults and Deities
Cyborg God
Solar system and Ortix
Inhabitants of the Dead Earth
Alien Artifacts
Mutations and genetic alterations
Subhumans and posthumans of the Last Millenium

And inspiring image for the end:


  1. Any recent progress on this project?

    1. Actually, no :D
      I was focused on completing Underworld Kingdom PDF but I took a break from writing. Should be back soon :D

    2. I am eagerly waiting for that one, too; just wanted make sure I didn't miss anything.

      I would also like to ask you something else: is there any regular old school convention or tournament of some sort in Poland that you know of? (hoping I am not mistaken and you are Polish)

    3. Old School gaming and OSR is almost unknown in Poland - there are few persons who play in Old School manner and only one polish blog about it.