Monday, December 19, 2011

Disturbing Standards

 Roll 1d6:

1 - Brass bells with clappers made from bones, attached to the long pole, topped with infant's skeleton.
2 - Scarlet banner, constantly dripping with blood.
3 - Banner depicting disgusting, bloated woman, trimmed with kings beards. Woman in constantly babbling and farting.
4 - T-shaped post, decorated with rusty chains ended with skull-shaped, iron lanterns.
5 - Standard made from maggot-ridden, human skin, stiched from many fragments. Tracks of the worms form daemonic, disgusting face, clearly visible on the standard's surface.
6 - Long spear with small, strange, rat-like skinless creatures impaled on it. Creatures are still alive, constantly swearing and mumbling the cryptic words and shouting apocalyptic prophecies with squeaky voices.


  1. This is very cool, I try and avoid gratuitous violence and gore, unless it serves a role in defining just how vile and nasty the villains are. Battle standards definitely fit, if these don't loudly proclaim "we are evil!" to the PCs, I'm not sure what would.