Saturday, December 10, 2011

Otherworldly gifts

We would like to present you a random table of 10 otherworldly gifts from higher beings. Most of them are useless to the majority of the Underworld Kingdoms inhabitants but some of them will find out of their extraordinary properities and eventually find a way to unlock them. Roll 1D10:

1. Sword of Many Blades. A round, razor sharp disc roughly the size of a dinner plate.
2. Staff of Thorns. A really thorny staff. Thorns are poisonous.
3. Great plate of Wisdom. An empty clay writing plate. Contains nothing.
4. The Shrine. Said to grant great power. Hard to find as no one knows how it looks like.
5. Chain of Summoning. 3 feet long iron chain. Each ring have carved on it strange symbols, maybe spells written in unknown language. Chain don't summon anything.
6. Humming Blade. Strangely shaped single-edged sword, made from unknown metal. It constantly emits loud, humming noise.
7. Sphere of Containment. Large, round sphere made from copper. It has an inscription in archaic language: "I can contain Anything". Unfortunately, there is no known method to open the Sphere. There is a small chance (2%) that sphere actually contains something.
8. Cube of Doom. Large (1m3) and very heavy (about 1000 lbs) cube made from quatrz. There is huge human-like skull inside the crystal. Any living being that licks the surface of the crystal dies immediately.
9. Silver Rat. Small figurine of a rat, made from indestructible, silvery metal. Despite small size, it weighs about 10 lbs. Any rodent that sees the figurine dies immediately.
10. Breaking Sword. Almost ordinary one-handed sword, with edge covered with flower-like carvings.. If used to parry, defense or any non-offensive action, will break in two parts. However, after several hours it should "heal itself" and be fully functional again, even if one part of the sword is missing or destroyed.

(1-3 created by Mr. Wight, 4-10 by Omlet)

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