Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 - Courier vessel

Second entry from my random space encounter table. Almost a reprint from the Terminal Space, with some minor additions.

Courier ships are designed for fast delivering of valuable goods. Usually they do not stop during their missions, choosing uncommon travel routes to avoid ambushes. In combat, they often rely on large speed and heavy armor to avoid losing a cargo, so the best way to successfully attack a courier is to do it in places where he can't reach his top speed, such as asteroid fields or dust clouds.

Hull Type: LF (8 structure points, Pilot skill -10%)
Armor: ceramite (25)
Drive Class: A
Maneuvering Thrusters: none additional
Jump Drive: yes
Sensors: military +5%
Jamming Systems: -10%
Armament: heavy laser in automated turret, light missile launcher
Ammo: 18 HE missiles
Shield Generator: Alpha
Cargo Space: 10t
Other: none

Table that may be helpful to determine what type of cargo courier is currently delivering. Roll 1d20:
  1. Ship's cargo hold is empty!
  2. Coffin with a corpse inside (probably some official, maybe celebrity)
  3. Expensive spare parts (such as jump drive components)
  4. Medical supplies
  5. Illegal drugs
  6. Pieces of ancient art
  7. Alien artifact
  8. Orders in sealed envelope (corporate or military)
  9. Hi-tech electronic components
  10. Gems and jewelry
  11. Expensive consummables (such as old bottle of wine, Earth cigars, caviar and so on)
  12. Expensive food
  13. Personal weapons
  14. Weapon prototype
  15. Official / celebrity
  16. Local prophet of great renown
  17. Prisoner in a stasis cell / cage
  18. Alien creature in a stasis cell / cage (13% that it's sapient)
  19. Magical / mystical artifact (1% that it's fake)
  20. Roll twice, pick both (mix the results if possible!)

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