Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog of the Month - Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets

Who doesn't know this blog? HUGE list of awesome spells, monsters, deities and items, updated daily. My favorite source of magic. Bat is doing really good job, probably even the best job in a whole fucking OSR community. We all should learn from him.

Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets-An oldschool gaming blog….

PS. I will repeat one sentence that I've used in my Bandits & Basilisks mini-game: I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DROP ALL "CLASSIC" MAGICAL SPELLS AND SWITCH TO HIS SET OF MAGIC.


  1. Thanks a million for the mention! I try to do something to give to the community and I hope that I have given gamers something to put into their sessions here and there. I just present an idea though and encourage people to run with it, change it around and make it theirs.


    1. I think that you shoud compile your stuff into several tomes (monsters, gods, items, spells) and sell via lulu or RPGNow. You'll become rich man :-)

  2. Thanks, Omlet!
    Always plotting, I admit that I have a co-conspirator (who is also an OSR blogger) now and we are cooking something up for a release before too long. Will there be another set of rules? Yes, however, we are not copying what has come before and we feel we are presenting a topnotch set of products. We are both insisting on everything being thought out, drawn out, planned out and ready to pick up and run with. While there will be rules, like I said, I have never seen OSR rules like this, we have an alternate magic system, which still uses all of the spells that you already know and can easily add spells like those from my blog or any other spells out there and we will also be releasing settings and adventures, we are burning the midnight oil, as it were, to get this done as soon as possible....ooops, maybe I have said too much!