Monday, September 3, 2012

Charon Prime - Dying World

Third (and last) post about some basic features of the Charon Prime. This one will be even more general - these ideas aren't mandatory and each Referee may freely pick the ones that best fit into his vision of the campaign.
  • Charon, planet's sun, is dying. It may be a reason why the Hollow Ones disappeared from the Unnamed World. Or maybe some ancient machinery hidden inside the Charon Prime is slowly killing the sun, draining its energy?
  • Planet is dying. Its internal machines are slowly running out of energy or otherwise stop working. It may lead to some really nasty effects. Or maybe Charon Prime was built like a prison (or laboratory)? Maybe something really evil is trapped inside the stasis cells deep inside planet's guts and if it awakes universe will be doomed?
  • Hollow Ones will return and clean their creation from the pest called mankind. Or maybe they never left and just let humans flourish to use them in their experiments?
  • There are some really strange and nasty plagues ravaging the outer surface. Maybe things like monster-breeding crustacean plague (soon I will describe it) will spit out something bigger, big enough to destroy mankind?
  • Or finally, maybe mankind will destroy themselves? There are many strange and powerful artifacts left by the Hollow Ones but even if humans can use them in some way, their real purposes remains unknown. Of course, it may lead to disaster.

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