Monday, September 24, 2012

We hired the Replicant!

Ten reasons why replicant android decided to join the party (in general, there is 3% chance that a new hireling will be a replicant). Roll d10:
  1. He betrayed his kind. There is 99% chance that a kill team is chasing him.
  2. He needs organic parts to live / save someone else's life. Internal organs of one of the party members are just perfect.
  3. Valuable data is encrypted in his brain. And someone need that data. Unfortunately, extraction of the information will kill a replicant, so he's running away.
  4. Item being in posession of one party members is a key to activate powerful artifact from the past. He needs that key, but the artifact is well guarded. PCs may be a good solution to fix that problem.
  5. Cyborg is very ancient and smart, but his power source is almost depleted. The only way to refill it for a next century is to sacrifice four persons for a cyber-demon living in a spaceship wreck in a middle of the wasteland.
  6. Replicant does not know he is not a human. There is 80% chance that his "real, grim nature" will activate at the right moment.
  7. Robot is an assassin. He has many built-in weapons, such as lasers in the eyes, micro-missile launchers, plasma gun hidden in the arm and so on. Maybe he was sent to exterminate PCs in some remote place or maybe he is chasing some other group that headed in the same direction as the party.
  8. He has very rare and sophisticated power system and can be refuelled by eating organic substances. Human brains are the best.
  9. He is just bored with hiding for centuries. He needs some activity. Cyborg has considerable knowledge of the past, but probably he is at least weird. Well, no one will remain sane after ages of living, not even an android.
  10. He is a spy of the off-world sect of alien slave hunters. And he is searching for some slaves.

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