Thursday, September 6, 2012

Charon Prime - the Hollow Ones

As almost nothing is certain about the Hollow Ones, I present you a rumor table with some basic information about them. It's up to you which of these rumors are true and which are not.

Roll 1d12:
  1. They don't have souls. That's why we call them the Hollow Ones.
  2. Their science was far more advanced than ours.
  3. Their name came from a fact that we never found their bodies - only empty husks or exoskeletons made from strange, semi-organic stuff.
  4. Their science remains totally incomprehensible for us.
  5. Some kind of bio-engineered plague killed them all.
  6. Hollow Ones created us to use humans in their experiments.
  7. They ruled the Unnamed World for more than one hundred thousand years.
  8. Everything seems that they just left the planet.
  9. Hollow Ones created us to use humans as bank of spare parts for their imperfect bodies.
  10. Typical Hollow One was about 3 metres tall.
  11. Empty husks and remains that we name the Hollow Ones have nothing to do with them. They was only servants of the real rulers of the Charon Prime.
  12. First humans worshipped the Hollow Ones as gods.