Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Charon Prime - Rumors about the Citadel of Rust

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  1. City is built around the wreck of a spaceship.
  2. There are some pre-human crypts beneath the city.
  3. Some say that city’s power sources are located in the ancient complex located miles beneath the surface.
  4. In the past Tower of Mirrors was used to communicate with other outposts and cities.
  5. Somewhere in the city there is a large hidden mortuary, controlled by a sect of mystics.
  6. City is being infiltrated by the androids.
  7. Members of the Excavators Sect has found strange underground chambers with sarcophagi-like containers connected with the city’s superstructure. No one was able to open the containers.
  8. There is eighth Noble House of the Citadel of Rust, the hidden rulers of the city.
  9. At least one AI is located in the city. They say that they was used by the Noble Houses but went insane or rebelled against them.
  10. Last king of the Citadel disappeared without a trace about 300 years ago.

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