Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Behemoth Freighters

These monsters are very rarely built nowadays, mostly because of very complicated maintenance and lack of defense systems. Despite that at least several Behemoth Freighters are still in use but most of them are used as stationary storages. If on run, they are often protected by military ships of various sized (mostly frigates and heavy missile ships).

Hull: special (57 structure points, -50% to Pilot skill)
Armor: titanium alloy (eight sections, 60 durability points each)
Reactor: six ancient nuclear reactors (treat as expanded one)
Drive Class: D
Maneuvering thrusters: lots! (but you'll pilot this monster at -50% mod, sorry)
Jump Drive: yes (it takes six to eight hours to heat it before jump)
Sensors: military +100% range
Jamming systems: none
Armament: none
Ammo: none
Shield generator: none
Cargo space: one million tons without life support and gravity, 10000 tons with gravity, 500 tons with life support and gravity.
Other: AI directly connected to ship's jump drive, hydroponic plantations, quarters for 30 crew members, three independent cryo-stasis decks (each designed for 36 people), 9 external docking points, auxiliary main drives, fuel tanks with a capacity of 100000 tons.

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