Monday, December 24, 2012

Ortix Worldship part Three - the Black Star

Details of the Ortix Worldship, its history, geography and inhabitants are born in pain. Everything is evolving and changing constantly, as I'm trying to create something more consistent than most of my projects. It's not an easy task, considering the very nature of game's world - it's rather complicated to create a world so different than ours. Luckily, It's only a game so I don't give a fuck about logic and laws of physics :D

As I mentioned in the first part of this series, each Worldship's power source is a small, artificial sun, suspended inside ship's megastructure. When Worldship begins to change itself into a planet, sun still remains inside it, acting like a light source for its Inner Surface.

The Black Star
It's uncertain when planet's internal light source started to emit strange, orange-red light. It's almost sure that it happened thousands of years ago or maybe even during the Population Phase, as the change of light's frequency has major impact on the flora and fauna of the Inner Surface.
Moreover - alteration of the properties of the sun wasn't a simple power loss - it looks more like a change of the sun's profile and power output or even like a change of its very nature.
Every person who saw the radiance of the Black Star admits that it emits eerie, disturbing radiance, impossible to detect or measure by any scientific methods, but clearly noticeable by any living being. This effect, combined with an absence of night-day cycle and general weirdness of the inhabitants of the Inner Surface makes it a really unsettling (and potentially dangerous) place.

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