Thursday, December 27, 2012

Charon Prime Adventure Plots

  1. Strange, humming monument was found in Crustacean Plague-infested ruins in the north.
  2. Silent man robed in black was seen wandering on the Great Rocky Plain. He was singing strange, disturbing chants.
  3. They say that huge energy crystal, capable of powering some of the ancient machines, was used as a power source in remote metal spire located somewhere west of the Citadel of Rust.
  4. Huge rift opened in the center of the Dust Fields on the west. People are saying that strange sounds and howls can be heard from it.
  5. Active interdimensional portal was found in the depths of city's Underworld. Elders are saying that it may lead to another city.
  6. Huge wreck (maybe a spaceship) was found in the mountain range north-east of the city, next to fields infested by the Crustacean Plague.

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