Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This time it's a REALLY IMPORTANT update!

Okay, boys and girls. After six months of work (with some long breaks of course :D), contents of the Bandits and Battlecruisers rulebook are finally ready. Without the title page (and its blank back), rulebook has exactly 111 A5-sized pages of initially formatted text. Proofreading will start today and I hope it will end tomorrow. Next week my publisher will try to set up every bureaucratic aspect of the releasing the game, while I'll try to learn some basic aspects of DTP :D

I hope that game will hit the RPGNow / DtRPG and Lulu in January.


  1. Looking forward to it :) How much do you think a PDF copy would cost?

  2. Hm... I don't think it is if the material can be used with other games, too (otherwise probably). For comparison:
    - ASE1 (module), 102 pages, 13.49
    - ASE2-3 (module), 152 pages, 17.66
    - Blood & Treasure Complete (game), 245 pages, 8.99
    - Demonspore (module), 86 pages, 6.99
    - Pars Fortuna Complete (game), 122 pages, 7.00
    - Stonehell (module), 138 pages, 6.50

    1. I can't see any reasons why it wouldn't be compatible with other products.

  3. YES! That's totally going to grew my collection bro \m/