Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Space Bar Patrons

Art by Ilya Komarov - click on it to go to his website.

  1. Well-known bounty hunter. In fact, just impostor posing as him.
  2. Spy of the enemy faction.
  3. Drug dealer, selling alien drugs.
  4. Short, nervous man, wanting to sell classified corporate data.
  5. Beautiful female dancer, in fact experienced spaceship hijacker.
  6. Alien gladiator.
  7. Heavily intoxicated drunkard, once famous fleet general.
  8. Team of mechanics from the Cyborg Gladiators reality show.
  9. Assassin disguised as a preacher.
  10. Former slave who escaped from the criminal cartel.
  11. Space princess in disguise. She escaped from her kingdom.
  12. Space merchant with cyborg bodyguard, searching for parts for his/her spaceship.
  13. Alien artist (1-2: sculptor; 3-4: poet; 5-6: painter; 7-8: musician; 9-10: singer).
  14. Band of space pirates, listening to local rumors.
  15. Smuggler, waiting for some offers.
  16. Space mystic on a pilgrimage.
  17. Alien hybrid with telepathic powers.
  18. Corporate official looking for guns for hire.
  19. Two local cops off duty.
  20. Well-known gambler. He/she is in trouble and wants to leave the planet/station ASAP.

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