Monday, December 3, 2012

More Terminal Space starships?

Despite the fact that I'm working on the Space Alphabet, I want to create small booklet containing about fifty spaceships compatible with Terminal Space (and Bandits & Battlecruisers) rules. I don't know how much time it take me to create it but I hope that it will be available in January :-)

Book will contain stats and brief descriptions or at least:

  • Four destroyers,
  • Five fighters,
  • Three different types of pirate motherships,
  • Slavers ship,
  • Five frigates,
  • Blockade runner,
  • Minelayer,
  • Three recon ships,
  • Six cruiser classes,
  • Four battlecruisers,
  • Two carriers,
  • Heavy missileship,
  • Five battleships,
  • Two covert ops ships,
  • One decoy ship,
  • One deep space exploration ship,
  • One electronic attack ship,
  • Two command ships...
  • ...and one dreadnought.
As you can see, most of them are military ships but at the moment I have more ideas for interesting military vessels than for civilian ones.

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