Friday, December 14, 2012

Weapon upgrades

There are several different weapon upgrades that may be installed in your starship. Each one takes up only one free space slot but each upgrade is connected to single weapon (in example, single laser collimator cannot be used with two laser cannons). Only single damage mod and single range mod per weapon can be installed.

  • Gyrostabilizers can be used with recoilless cannons and other explosive-based projectile weapons. +1 damage, 3000 Credits each.
  • Cannon accelerators increase range of projectile weapons by 25%. 2800 Credits each.
  • Magnetic stabilizers increase damage dealt by railguns by one point. 5700 Credits.
  • Laser collimators increase damage of laser weaponry by 1. 4300 Credits
  • Additional focusing crystals are increasing range of laser weapons by 20%. 3500 Credits.
  • Particle converters increase damage dealt by particle weapons by one point. 5100 Credits. 
  • Particle magnetizers increase effective range of particle weaponry by 20%. 3300 Credits.
  • Phase amplifiers can be used with any phase weaponry to add +1 do damage. 7500 Credits.
  • Additional plasma pumps increase range of plasma weapons by 25%. 7100 Credits.

Can't find any examples of particle or rail weaponry in Terminal Space? Don't worry, they will appear in Bandits & Battlecruisers!

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