Tuesday, December 25, 2012

False start of the Ortix Worldship?

During the past few days I posted three short notes containing some very basic ideas about the Ortix Worldship - a new version of my "overworld" campaign. As the last version of my overworld game was ran about seven or eight years ago and since then game's world suffered several major mutations, nothing about its shape was certain. Even when I started to create some basic aspects of the Ortix Worldship (being the next incarnation of the setting), I wasn't certain how it will look in the future.

And now it seems that I made mistake when I started to post new stuff as fast as I was writing it.

At first moment, every aspect of Worldship's history, design, functions and current state seemed to be crystal clear for me. Same situation occured when I started to write new stuff for my other projects (in example, there are lots of Underworld Kingdom-related posts here) so I thought that it will be awesome to start sharing that new stuff with you. And now, when dozens of hard questions appeared, I feel like a little bitch :D

What about the clash between the Ve'sen and humans? What about even the simplest tools, as planet/Worldship is completely devoid of natural resources, such as minerals or ores? What about the population of the planet? Why there should be mountains, hills etc?

Of course, there are much more questions and some of them are much more important than the abovementioned. Even though I thought that I'll be able to answer to the questions above, I lost faith in that project. Why? With time, I became doubtful about the playability of the setting. I mean, initially it looked uber-cool: exploration of the surface world, monsters from the Inner Surface, remnants of Ve'sen forces, Worldship's core complexes and so on. Unfortunately, later I found some flaws in that pattern. Artificial and incredibly ancient place must be an empty place. In role-playing games, empty equals to boring.

I know myself pretty well so probably one day I will be able to fill the gaps, figure out interesting solutions to my questions and fix all the bugs (even if they are only imaginary ones). Sadly, I can't tell you how long it take me to force myself again to write something about it. And this is the moment when I wanted to apologize you for Yet Another Unfinished Series of Posts.

In the near future I'll try to post something more about my greatest problems - maybe we'll be able to fix some problems together :D Until then I'll try to focus on yet another project (this time I don't want to say even a word until I manage to write at last 20 pages of text about it!), some more information about the Charon Prime and Polish translation of... nah, I'm not authorized to tell it ;)

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