Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cursed potions!

  1. Potion of Vile Seizures (1d6 hours, -3 to-hit, sneaking, thieving etc impossible)
  2. Potion of Nightmarish Visions (1d4 permanent WIS damage)
  3. Potion of Stygian Blindness (blind for 1d10 hours, save vs magic or eyes explode)
  4. Potion of Rotten Brain (1d4 permanent INT damage)
  5. Zelgog's Black Elixir (permanently reduces all stats by 1)
  6. Potion of Serpent's Tongue (mute for 1d10 hours, save vs magic or tongue rots and falls off)
  7. Wraith's Essence (level drain!)
  8. Royal Elixir (polymorphs target into giant, humanoid cockroach for 1d6 weeks)
  9. Hyrddin's Glowing Potion (causes 1d3 mutations)
  10. Potion of Unlife (classic one - save or die but after 1d12 minutes rise as the undead)

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