Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some old ideas... [Worldship part One]

Worldship during the initial phase could look like this
As you probably remember (or not! :D) I decided to separate the ideas about the surface world from the Underworld Kingdom. Now, when writing of the Bandits & Battlecruisers is finished, I felt rather empty.

Of course I have several unfinished projects (at least four, if I remember correctly) but I need more to feel busy enough :D That's the one of reasons why I started working on Ortix again - second one is because I had an idea how to change it into something bigger, more diverse and maybe slightly more original than typical Yet Another Science Fantasy Setting.

This is Part One, covering only the most basic aspects of the Worldship's concept. If you read this blog carefully you should find some huge similarities to one of my other projects ;)

Try to imagine a spaceship so big that it’s powered by the internal, artificial sun. This fully automated vessel is able to travel through the Nullspace in search for a perfect place for a new colony. When Worldship finds such place, it shifts back into the normal space, sits on the orbit best for the life sustaining and start to reshape itself.
After some time, Worldship takes hollow, spherical shape, with artificial sun still suspended inside it. Transmuting devices begin to create it’s surfaces – both inside and outside ones. When it’s done, newly created planet begin to be populated.
During the “life creation” phase, Worldship begin to wake the Guardians – powerful artificial entities designed for balancing the population and protecting the Worldship from any threats from space, including any attempts of colonization by other sapient creatures.
Next and final step is to awake the Worldship’s creators - the Ve'sen. Some of them – the wisest and most powerful ones, called the Ancestors - are sleeping in the stasis cells, while most of them are born in automated breeding facilities. Their new home world is now complete.

I used the above image without permission but to be fair- here is a link to its DA page.

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