Friday, December 21, 2012

Worldship part Two - the Ortix Worldship


Second part of my ramblings.This is the real start of the story about the Worldship orbiting the Cold Star. Still very raw text and many things are still unknown even for me. Probably even some very basic aspects of the Worldship's history may change.

The Ortix Worldship 
In case of the Worldship which is the center of our story, something went wrong. Probably some of the Ancestors woke up during the Transmutation phase. No one knows what happened but probably some kind of conflict erupted between them. Most of the Ancestors was killed and some Worldship’s processes were altered, maybe because of damage done to its mainframes or maybe as a result of intentional action. 
First and most important change was fact that no Guardians were awaken. This led to serious problems: when meteor shower devastated a large region of the of the outer surface, flora and fauna development went out of control, the same disaster caused major problems with Worldship’ security systems – gates between the Inner Surface and ship’s core complexes were opened and some breeding and gene-altering facilities went mad. Effects were terrifying – vile monsters had infested the Worldship itself. 
In addition, absence of Guardians had even more serious consequences – spaceship from the planet Earth has arrived.

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