Sunday, July 10, 2022

Ancient Races of Ortix


There were numerous Ancient Races that roamed the Ortix. Some of them were just visitors from distant stars and/or different dimensions, while the ones listed below had (or still have) significant impact on the planet’s history, shape and possibly even its ultimate fate.

  • Cyclops - invaders from the dying world of Zaat, Engineers of Flesh. It’s possible that they are the ones who created the Feeble Races, including the humans.
  • Nghsh - the ones who designed and operated the Eternal Machines.
  • Raktai - poisonous amphibians, probably the interstellar travelers.
  • Ttth - the Soul Crystals. The factual creators of Ortix. Possibly creators of the entire Shimmering Dimension.
  • Xosoko - the ancient rulers of Ortix, masters of the Hidden Sphere.

It’s almost impossible to determine if the Engineers and Shapers were the separate species or races of the Ancient Ones or if they were just a status of the extremely powerful individuals. 

I am currently working on the Ortix Cyclopedia - an alphabetical list of Ortix-related bullshit. A really substantial list, covering, well, the entire campaign setting. Also - something huge is coming. And it's related to this topic. Stay tuned.

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