Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Ashen Void print preview!

I think you may be interested in taking a look at the physical print of the Ashen Void from DTRPG. I'm quite satisfied with the result - the book looks quite sturdy. Only thing I noticed is the fact that they slightly fucked up the cover - it wasn't made properly, which resulted with the logo ending up too high. But I guess I was just unlucky, as my other POD books from DriveThru are way better.

The photos aren't edited in any way, shape or form. My phone has a decent camera and I wanted to show you the print in its "real form", without any enhancements.

Colors are quite dull but it was inevitable with POD standard quality. I don't think that anyone would buy a premium version, as it's ridiculously expensive.

Grays are OK, tables are clear and readable.

Blacks are surprisingly acceptable! And I was really worried about the semi-transparent black frames but they turned out quite okay!

The Goat. It looks good.

Another corpse plundering table is a must. Enlarge the photo to steal the ideas for yourself!

That's it. I'm quite satisfied, with the final result, the book looks good. I think I'll add some of my other booklets to POD option on DriveThru as well.

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