Friday, July 15, 2022

Random table: what's controlling them?

The group the PCs encounter is acting, well, strange. Roll 1d10 to determine what's controlling/possessing/deceiving the encountered creatures:

  1. Brain-altering fungus, contracted in the nearby crypt;
  2. Demon, trapped in the large ruby, held by the group's leader;
  3. Cursed dagger, used to sacrifice the high priest of the local most prominent religion;
  4. Addiction to the Star Root;
  5. Their brains were damaged by toxic fumes, the group is just acting erratically;
  6. Sword of Seventh Hell, whispering false promises of power;
  7. Ghost of their late leader, killed in ritual combat by the Arthropod Prince;
  8. The Quest spell;
  9. Hallucinations induced by the spell guarding the nearest place of power;
  10. Parasitic magical worms, created by a mad wizard.
  11. Moonflower dust, forcing them to search for the way to contract lycanthropy;
  12. Angelic vision, in fact being sent by a disguised demon prince.

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