Friday, July 8, 2022

Mysterious Structures (Ashen Void)

Scattered on the wasteland, hidden in plain sight, or appearing only in nightmares and trance-induced hallucinations.

  1. The Burial Well
  2. The Floatstone Monolith
  3. The Corridors of Mirrors
  4. Cathedral of Reversed Time
  5. Sepulcher of the Inscribed Skulls
  6. The Crystal Bridge
  7. The Bloodsoaked Column
  8. The Unending Hallways 
  9. Crimson Beam Lighthouse
  10. Market of Ill Fates
  11. Shrine of the Thousand Eyes
  12. Synod of Subhuman Abominations

This table, in slightly expanded (d20) version, appears in the Ashen Void system-less setting I've released few weeks ago.

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