Tuesday, July 5, 2022

World of ortix - the principles

As I said - the World of Ortix will be "ugly, convoluted and linguistically inferior" - and you've had a glimpse of the gibberish nonsense I will include in the book. OR NOT - as everything is still evolving and mutating.

Meanwhile, here are three principles of the game/setting/whatever it will become. Enjoy more gibberish nonsense.

Artwork by me.

Everything is Weird
Even though the basic elements of the setting may look familiar, many aspects of them - from background to details - aren’t typical. Additionally, logic isn’t extremely important - some things are weird just for the sake of being weird. Ortix isn’t Earth - and will never be. It’s safe to assume that some fundamental laws of physics are different from those affecting our world.

Nothing is Certain
There are many contradictions here. Things that make no sense and ideas that cancel each other (or even themselves). This shouldn’t worry you - although it’s your duty as a GM to interpret things, no matter how coherent or gibberish they are, there is no right or wrong way of using the contents of this book. You should utilize them in a way that will fit into your playstyle and bring fun to your table.

Scientific Mysticism
The World of Ortix is a mix of advanced technology, myths and legends. Both aspects of the world’s description are intertwined on multiple levels - there can be subatomic nanotech devices granting the gods their divine powers and reality-altering machines of a size of a mountain, operated by rituals and human sacrifice. It’s an important part of the setting - in fact, it comprises the very outline of the in-game reality.

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