Friday, April 19, 2013


Some really uncool quests that may given by evil gods. Roll 1d10:

  1. Kill three high priests of the opposite cult.
  2. Capture the Angelic Being and sacrifice it in the Black Volcano
  3. Desacrate the main temple of the opposite cult.
  4. Bring me still beating hearts of 13 demons.
  5. Bring me the Elixir of Life and Elixir of Death.
  6. Gather the Seven Runes of Power and bring them to me.
  7. Bring me one of the Obsidian Daggers.
  8. Find the mummified corpse of Xsharnath, long-dead champion of mine, and bring him back to life.
  9. Bring me five Void Swords.
  10. Find the crown of the Traitor King and bring it to me.

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