Saturday, April 2, 2011

B - Bandits

Roll 1d12:
  1. 5d6 black-skinned, red-haired K’han Nomads on steeds (light horses), with leather armor and bronze-plated shields. They are armed with spears or sabers, 25% of them is carrying short bows.
  2. 4d8 half-starved penal legion deserters, armed with random weapons. Each of them have only 20% to have any armor (roll 1d6: 1-4: leather, 5: leather and shield, 6: chain mail).
  3. 4d6 members of the Bastard Clan – half-orcs armed with (obviously) bastard swords, armored with chain mails. One of them is carrying standard with carefully made obscene picture (worth 2d4x100 gp), three have crossbows.
  4. Old, silver-bearded and hunchbacked giant. He carries big rusty anchor as a weapon. He demands one of the party member to eat (or one fat-looking horse or mule), or things will get ugly.
  5. 3d6 Ravenous Maidens – women armed with bows, and swords, armored with chain mails and shields. They will strike from ambush and try to kill all female members of the party. They want to rape all male victims, kill them and cannibalize the corpses.
  6. 3d10 ordinary bandits. Mixed weapons, mixed armor. Use your imagination :-) They are more ready to threat and extortion than fight and kill.
  7. 5d6 mounted (medium horses) army deserters. Equipped with chain mails, swords and shields. Their leader is level 2 Fighting Man.
  8. 3d10 slavers. 1d10+1 of them are mounted (medium horses). Light armors, heavy clubs and lariats. They also have big cart with cage, drawn by pair of mules. Cage contains 1d8-1 badly beaten captives.
  9. 4d6 fanatics of Ddakr. Cloaked with dark robes, armed with curvy daggers or serrated short swords. Their leader is a level 1 Magic-User. He carries Wand of Charm Monster (7 charges left) and is accompanied by magically bound monster (1-2: cockatrice, 3-4: manticore, 5: 5-headed hydra, 6: chimera).
  10. 2d4 really pissed-off bounty hunters. If provoked - they are more than ready to fight. Armored with chain mails, armed with swords or axes, poisoned throwing knives (save vs poison or be paralyzed for 1-6 rounds) and nets. They all are level 2 Fighting Men.
  11. 5d10 lepers with cannibalistic tendencies. Armed with primitive clubs, rusty knives and lots of rocks. Any person splashed with their blood (or guts, or brain, or… whatever) have 25% percent to catch a disease (however, he / she can still pass saving throw vs poison).
  12. 3d8 bandits, disguised as pilgrims. They are equipped with concealed leather armors and hidden weapons, such as garrotes, daggers and hatchets. They will offer to join a party for a while, wait for the night and commit silent, easy murder.


  1. we all need little zombies in our lives, even if they bite... a little.
    jeremy [iZombie]

  2. I love the ravenous maidens and cannabalistic lepers - they go one step beyond just trying to steal your money.