Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for the Old Ones

Despite the fact that Ortix has its own gods (and there are more of them than just thirteen main deities), many more powerful forces seek opportunities to gain mortal souls for itself.

Thirteen Gods usually remains in opposition to the most of the Great Old Ones – not because of caring for the well-being and safety of the mortals, but just because they are jealous and hostile to all who wanted to interfere with their powerbase.
Here is a list of the most active Great Old Ones:
  • Shub Niggurath – it have cultists among degenerated inhabitants of the Jungle Caves, also some tribes of the Red Moon worship her;
  • Nyarlathotep – worshiped by cultists of many forbidden, apocalyptic cults;
  • Atlach-Nacha – Spider-god is worshiped by some of the inhabitants of the Underworld Kingdom, both Neanderthal, goblin, ghoul and human;
  • Hastur – it’s said that some of the cannibalistic mutant tribes roaming through the desert worships Hastur. Maybe they have some hidden sacrificial site somewhere amidst the wasteland;
  • Chaungar Faugn – some well hidden followers;
  • Eihort – some believe that members of the long lost Architects Guild, builders of the Maze of Torment, were worshippers of Eihort. Now it seems that he have no followers
  • Yibb-Tsill – worshiped by deranged hermits, fallen priests and madmen dreaming about the Dark Side of the Grey Moon.

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  1. Very nice idea. It brings your game to diferent level. A cosmic one.