Saturday, April 23, 2011

T - Trap

Bored with common pits, spears and stone blocks? Here you go!

Roll 1d12:

1-2) Gravity trap A: victim is crushed by a sudden gravity growth. 2d6 damage with great possibility of breaking some bones during the fall. Victim must roll equal of less than his Strength on d100 to set free (anybody that helps him may add his STR).
3-4) Gravity trap B: victim is literally launched 2d6 meters up. when he falls he receives 1d6 damage per each five meters (or its fraction). If victim hits the ceiling, well… he receives 2 points of damage per one meter “beyond” the height of the ceiling.
5) Red’s Cage: big, rusty and animated cage. It have two limbs able to grab victim and push inside itself. AC 2, HD 6, it don’t cause any damage, but there is a 25% chance that it have something already caught (typical wandering monster for this region, but only one of them), so anybody pushed inside it may be in trouble. Cage is capable to contain 5 human-sized victims.
6-7) Click!: one of the party members steps on something… clicky (it may be a loose floor tile, stone or something else). Nothing happens until he raise his leg. If he does… nothing happens, except one thing – as long the trap button is pushed (and party members are thinking how they may save their friend) time in the dungeon passes twice as fast (especially for purpose of wandering monsters, random events, poison etc.).
8-9) Gong: another seemingly non-lethal trap. Activation of it causes the ringing of bell or gong located somewhere in the wall or ceiling of the room. It’s obvious that any inhabitant of the dungeon will hear it and probably will go to find out what happened.
10-11) Food contaminator: victim of this trap may now forget about all his food and water reserve. Any non-magical liquid he has is now transformed into urine and any food transforms into a disgusting and horribly stinking goo.
12) Spell sucker: it have no effect on characters unable to cast spells, but any spellcaster (cleric, magic user and so on) must save vs. spells. If he passes, he loses one randomly determined spell. If he fails, he loses all his prepared spells. Nice, eh?

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