Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi-tech spells

List of some spells I want to make. When I post description of a particular spell, I’ll put a link to it in this post. Probably I will start it with the letter "U", because I don't have any other good idea to post "about" this letter :D
  • Animate the Machine
  • Control Machinery
  • Cyber-brain hack
  • Decrypt
  • Digital Backup
  • Digital Enlightment
  • Digital Kill
  • Digital Transfer
  • Energy Drain
  • Energy Transfer
  • Electric Shield
  • Magnetic Touch
  • Mend the Machine
  • Supercharge
  • Travel Through Electricity
  • Unite with the Machine
  • White Noise
Also, if you want some sci-fi spells right now, check out my Terminal Space supplement.


  1. This looks relevant to my interests.

  2. Oh what about nuclear / radiation style spells? Mutations? You also missed "Encrypt" which you could probably just throw under a spell called "Crypto."

    To find some more ideas try scouring lists of programs for Shadowrun cyberdecks or that sort of thing, and MMOs like Anarchy Online.

  3. I translate all of the OD&D / S&W spells to "Steam Punk" for our Weird West game. Light = Eradiate etc :)