Thursday, April 14, 2011

L - Links between Ortix and another worlds

As typical pulpy / weird environment, world of Ortix is linked with some other worlds, including Earth from different epochs. Some of these links are places where cosmic lines are tangled and fabric of this reality twists with another. These connections are very hard to distinguish from ordinary, “normal” places. Other may be ancient magical portals (like stone circles) or remains of technology of the Elder Races, or even portals and teleporters “brought” by off-worlders.

Some of the links:
  • Ancient Babylon;
  • Cthlol;
  • Central Asia from times of Genghis-Khan;
  • Plateau of Leng;
  • Area of current France from Neolith;
  • Gilead, approximately 500 years after The Fall;
  • Iceland circa 950.
    Also, potentially infinite number of worlds can be reached through the Black Ziggurat.

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