Friday, April 22, 2011

S - Spire Cities of Khaal

The Spire Cities of Khaal are large rock formations in the north of the desert called the “Sands of the Past”. These rock spires, each several dozen meters high, are riddled with corridors and rooms, almost none of which are accessible from the ground level. Currently, some of them are inhabited by humans, but chambers in the highest spires are very hard to reach from the ground, so they remain unoccupied (or even unexplored).

On some ancient bas-reliefs from the Spire Cities region can be found images of strange, moth-like creatures, flying in and out of the spires. Some believe that these creatures had created the whole complex, but as it has been impossible to find any trace of these beings, it’s not possible to confirm (or deny) this theory.

In some of the spires have been found vertical channels or tunnels leading deeper into the structures (or maybe even into the underworld), but they have never been explored.

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