Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K - King(s) of the Underworld

Although the name of the Underworld Kingdom seems to require the presence of the king, actually its meaning is slightly different. The point is that the underworld is a realm that is completely different from surface world. More mysterious, dangerous and unfathomable, it’s also more static – some things in the underworld have not changed for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Despite that rather obvious misinterpretation of the kingdom’s name, there are several powerful rulers, each ruling a different part of the Underworld:
  • Jaarkon the Elder, King of Ghohk – lord of men, old and mad. It’s said that some kind of worms is slowly devouring his brains. However, he lives for almost 200 years and outlived his eight sons.
  • Vrax / Morax, the Dragon King – two-headed master of the Galroth Spire. Lord of all dragons of the Underworld. Clever and dangerous, he despises mankind.
  • The Seeker, lord of the Dead – master of the Necropolis. Is said that he transferred his mind into some powerful yet incomprehensible artifact of the Elder Races.
  • The Great Father – ancient and dreadful, shrouded in mystery “Father Of All Evil”. Master of abominations, mutants and monsters, he plots to bring doom to all mankind. Some say that he is long dead, slain by his finest creation.

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