Monday, April 4, 2011

C - Curse the Weak (new spell) - 50th post!

Level 4 (arcane)

This spell can be cast only on monster or character that have lower level or less HD than caster of the curse. Victim must roll a successful save versus magic or its HD is reduced by half (rounded up), and its AC is increased by two (in negative way, so i.e. AC 2 will be now AC 4, to maximum 9).
Note: this spell has no cumulative effect!

Level 5: HD loss is now rounded down, to minimum 1 HD.
Level 7: Victim of the spell cannot make saving throw to resist the effect.

Alternate names:

Mark of the Void
Ghaig’s Blessing (some high-rank priests of Ghaig may ask their god for this spell)
Seji’s Word of Venegance

EDIT: Yay, 50th post! It was fast!

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